E-Publications Not Previously Published

“Gesture Posture Prosthesis: Religious Studies in the Digital Age” Spring 2013  PDF

“Myth and the Impossibles”  Spring 2013   PDF

“Dead Man” 2007,2009 poetryPDF

“The Look” 2005,2009 fiction PDF

“’Afro-Brazilian Dance’ or better ‘Euro-American-Afro-Brazilian Dance’” 1995, 2009 essayPDF

“The Glory, Jest, and Riddle: Stephen Hawking and A Brief History of Time” 1988, 2009 academic essay PDF

“Dancing and the Poetics of Place” 2009 academic essay PDF

“Dancing as Making” 2009 academic essay PDF

“Dancing the Rhythms of Life” 2009 book precis PDF

“Dancing the Rhythms of Life” 2009 academic book.  E-Book available. 

“Go Up Into the Gaps:  The Play of Native American Religions”  2009 academic essay PDF

“Encore-Life: An Introduction” 2009 essay PDF

“The Salsa Connection” 2008 – 2009 12-part blog series PDF

“Brain Body Movement” 2009 Lecture Series Select Passages from E-Book PDF

“Brain Body Movement: Lecture Series” 2009 academic bookBuy the Book

“Charles Sanders Peirce:  Play and the Logic of Discovery” 2009 academic essay PDF

“Play and the Future of the Study of Religion … and the Academy”  2009    PDF

“The Powerful Play Goes On: Friedrich Schiller to Jacque Derrida on Play” 2009 academic essay PDF

“SalsAmigos Dance Project: Presentation Series” 2009 8 flash presentation scripts PDF

Blogs (Selected)

“The New Education: Digital Media Enables Whole Bodies” August 2009 Post

“Children, Imagination, and Philosophy”  August 2009 Post

“Crises and Opportunities”  August 2009 Post

“The Example:  The Implications of Exemplification”  November 2009 Post

“Bias is Interest”  November 2009 Post

Periodical Publications Previously Published

“The Academic Study of Religion” 1994 academic article PDF

“Action and Performance”

“And He Took Away Their Wings: Story and History in American Folk Tradition”  1987 academic article PDF

“Approaches to the Study of Religion” 1999 essay on academic teaching PDF

“The Color of Navajo Ritual Symbolism: An Evaluation of Methods”  1976 academic article PDF

“Dance” 2003 encyclopedia article PDF

“Dancing Ritual, Ritual Dancing: Experiential Teaching” 2006 essay on teaching ritual PDF

“Disenchantment”  1976  academic article PDF

“Embodied Theology” 2002 academic article PDF

“Hopi Kachina Cult Initiation: The Shocking BEginning to the Hopi’s Religious Life” 1977 academic article PDF

“Its Where You Put Your Eyes”  1979 academic article PDF

“Linking Human Beings to Nature: Australian Arrarnta Religion” 1996 academic article PDF

“Mother Earth: An American Myth” 1990 academic article PDF

“Mother Earth Mythology” 1987 academic article PDF

“Native American Mythology: North America”  1987  encyclopedia article PDF

“Native Americans and their Religions” 1994, 2003, 2009 academic article PDF

“Native American Religions” 1993 encyclopedia article PDF

“Navajo Views of their Origin” 1983 encyclopedia article PDF

“No Place to Stand: Jonathan Z. Smith as homo ludens, the Academic Study of Religion sub specie ludi” 1998 academic article PDF

“Nonliterate Traditions and Holy Book: Toward a New Model” 1985 academic article PDF

“One, Two, Three: The Interpretation of Religious Action” 1987 academic article PDF

“Play” 2000 academic article PDF

“The Power of Story” 1988 academic essay PDF

“Prayer” 1987 encyclopedia article PDF

“Prayer as Performance: A Navajo Contribution to the Study of Prayer” 1987 academic article PDF

“Prayer as Person: Navajo Conceptions of Prayer Acts” 1977 academic article PDF

“The Prayer of the Navajo Carved Figurine” 1974 academic article PDF

“Religion in America in 1492” 1992 academic article PDF

“The Religions of Traditional Peoples” 1995 encyclopedia article PDF

“Religious Forms and Themes” 1992 academic article PDF

“A Rumor is Afield:  Fieldwork Leads to Spreading Rumors” 1988 academic article PDF

“The Shadow of a Vision Yonder”  1976 academic article PDF

“Shamanism” 1981  dictionary entry PDF

“Shamanism: North American Religions” encyclopedia article PDF

“Territory” 1998 academic article PDF

“Time” 1981  dictionary entry PDF

“To Make Them Speak: Colonialism and the Study of Mythology” 1998 academic article PDF

“The Trees Stood Deep Rooted”  1977  academic article PDF

“Walking with Spirits” 1991 travel article PDF

“Whirling Logs and Colored Sands”  1979  academic article PDF