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Religion Writer

The study of religion is bound in the often uncomfortable tension between opposing positions and forces.  It seems we would need to know what religion is in order to study religions, yet how do we know what religion is without … Continue reading

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A Horse is an Automobile without Wheels

September 8, 2012 In memory of Kenneth Morrison Thirty years ago I published a book titled Beyond “the Primitive:” the Religions of Nonliterate Peoples (1982) that was intended to establish some less biased position or stance from which to appreciate … Continue reading

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Origins and Evolution: Writing in the Long View

Origins is not something that I have ever found engaging.  In the formation of the academic study of religion (a good place to learn more details is Walter Capps’s 2000 book Religious Studies: The Making of a Discipline), the question … Continue reading

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Christmas Conspiracy

It was about 12:30 p.m. when I started up Flagstaff Mountain Trail, perhaps my favorite close-in hike, just to the west of Boulder.  I’d eaten a quick lunch of leftovers from yesterday’s family celebration of Christmas because I wanted to … Continue reading

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That Little Thing

Completing my undergraduate major requirements in mathematics before I was a senior, I had grown impatient with mathematics largely because it seemed to me at the time so isolating from people.  I was utterly naïve of course and had become … Continue reading

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My Great Awakening

for Alex Perry I’d been sitting across the desk from him for what seemed an eternity.  He was hunched over my paper commenting on every one of the dozens of red notations he had written there.  We were still on … Continue reading

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Cowrys on an African Bracelet

for Krista Keil The surf was pounding.  It was difficult to make out the details of the lava rock formations ahead because of the wind-swirled sea spray.  Fishy wetness filled our nostrils and our lungs.  A beach near Busua, deserted … Continue reading

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Writing is Gesture: Leroi-Gourhan

In his fascinating Gesture and Speech (1964, 1993) André Leroi-Gourhan traces the development of alphabetic writing considering it a distant consequence of the upright posture that allowed the hand to be free to draw the focus of communication from the … Continue reading

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Education is Not Information

The future of education must carefully and critically question the current broadly held understanding that education is information.  Late in the twentieth century research began to demonstrate conclusively that meaning and value are based in and founded on bodily experience.  … Continue reading

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Future of University – Writing Conventions

The Future of the University:  Writing Conventions                                          August 24, 2010 It is somewhat confounding to me that while one of the most important images and charges of the university is that it represents the freedom to experiment and think, … Continue reading

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