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My Great Awakening

for Alex Perry I’d been sitting across the desk from him for what seemed an eternity.  He was hunched over my paper commenting on every one of the dozens of red notations he had written there.  We were still on … Continue reading

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Cowrys on an African Bracelet

for Krista Keil The surf was pounding.  It was difficult to make out the details of the lava rock formations ahead because of the wind-swirled sea spray.  Fishy wetness filled our nostrils and our lungs.  A beach near Busua, deserted … Continue reading

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Spooked on Halloween

for Eduardo The Pearl Street Mall was a sea of little ghouls and goblins each carrying a plastic pumpkin filled with colorfully wrapped sweet substances of bodily abuse, a manic high soon to plummet into screams and sobs.  That parents … Continue reading

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Simpson’s latest

This clip deserves some extensive consideration.  Will look forward to finding time to do so.

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The Incipience of Dancing

Incipience refers to something that is about to begin, that is on the verge of becoming, that is nascent.  Incipience is that quality of expectation, excitement, anticipation, vitality that comes with the almost.  As a student of dance of all … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Considering New CU Religion Programs

Not since Gutenberg has a revolution in media impacted the world as greatly as e-media are today.  Although invented in the fifteenth century it took many decades for the impact of typography to be widely felt, yet it is clear … Continue reading

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Michel Serres and Coenaesthesia

I know that I’m not an intellectual in the true sense of the word.  I like to dance way too much and I read way too slowly.  This means that more often than I’d like, but then this is a … Continue reading

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Writing is Gesture: Leroi-Gourhan

In his fascinating Gesture and Speech (1964, 1993) André Leroi-Gourhan traces the development of alphabetic writing considering it a distant consequence of the upright posture that allowed the hand to be free to draw the focus of communication from the … Continue reading

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Education is Not Information

The future of education must carefully and critically question the current broadly held understanding that education is information.  Late in the twentieth century research began to demonstrate conclusively that meaning and value are based in and founded on bodily experience.  … Continue reading

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How to Save the University: Lessons from the Possible Saving of the News

We are all well aware of the decline of the newspaper industry. A number of factors have contributed to this decline:  shift to on-line news sources, decline of newspaper advertisers who find other media are more cost effective, a shift … Continue reading

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