Sam GillThis website is a fluid playground for my life’s experience, my current endeavors, a home for occasional pieces, photos I have taken, videos usually of dancing I have been involved with, the drawing board on which I chart and play out my unfolding interests, and a sort of repository to keep it all together.  On this website I am also making available most of my published articles. More importantly, I am making available a some unpublished work on dance, on play, on the academy, on life, on religion and its study, on writing, on the human senses, on brain/body acuity.  There is an entire online course “Dancing Culture Religion” including over 25 hours of video podcasts and over 100,000 words of lectures/essays.  I’m including some syllabi for courses I have taught and conversations I think are important.  My developing research on movement, perception, gesture, the senses is available as it unfolds and when I feel it is appropriate to put it here.  At the end of 2014 I am going through the site to make sure things are actually there and that links work; know how annoying it is when they don’t. I’m keeping this dancing photo partly because I don’t often get photos of myself and also because I’m appreciating now how remarkably dancing and moving have shaped who I am today.  So rummage around and I hope you enjoy and are engaged by some of what you find.


As we live and work through the decades of life, we accumulate not only information, but hopefully some useful experience, a few insights, some bits of wisdom. I’m not so sure I can boast any of these things, but I do now find myself being driven to put forth work that I have done and am doing and to enter many new areas of interest that are emerging for me. I have been an academic for 35 years. Years ago after publishing a dozen books and several dozen articles I grew weary of the traditional publication process and have simply stockpiled book and article manuscripts, lectures, and other materials preferring to do the work and live an engaging life rather than struggle through the publication process. I think, I feel, that these are my best works. For over fifteen years I have been a dancer and dance teacher. These activities have complemented my academic work and I believe they totally changed who I am. They transformed a mind/brain oriented person practicing a sedentary mind-centered life to a person who appreciates as fully as possible that human beings cannot separate mind and body. I owned and operated a dance studio for years. I have and am now engaging in many new enterprises and forms of writing, working, and living.
This website is conceived as the center, the intersection, of my life’s experience, my current endeavors, and the drawing board on which to chart my future life trajectory. On this website I am making available many of my past published works for the sake of convenience. More importantly, I am making available a large amount of previously unpublished work on dance, on play, on the academy, on life, on religion and its study, on writing, on the human senses, on brain/body accuity. I am also making available lectures and podcasts of lectures that I recently presented. I will continue to do so for future lecture series on a variety of topics.
This website will also serve as the intersection of a variety of other enterprises I am involved in:
SalsAmigos: a nonprofit to teach dancing to teens that includes video lecture demonstrations of the importance of the dance and instructional videos
Salsa Challenge: a salsa dance teaching work that involves classes writings and instructional videos
Encore Life: a center for presenting and discussing what I think essential information and ideas about living a full and rich adult life. This will includes a variety of writings, podcasts, and the exploration of a dance form, Encore Dancing, that exemplifies much of what I will be talking about.
I also am eager to enter into conversation with a world of new friends and colleagues who have similar interests.
For further information about me see my page at CU and my curriculum vitae