Current Work

At my career stage I find publishing far less a priority than writing and getting more of my experience into words.  Surely one of these days I’ll again become interested in publishing but for now to make available what I’m working on is more important.  And this page also might serve as something of the repository for a literary estate.

As Prayer Goes So Goes Religion  Presented at “Why Prayer? A Conference on New Directions in the Study of Prayer” sponsored by the Social Science Research Council, February, 2015.

Moving: The Core of Religion . Presented at Florida University, January, 2017.

Into the Future: Making, Gender, Technology, & Religion from Adam to  Androids & Galatea to Tomorrow’s Eve.   Book manuscript in progress.

Living Movement & Vitality: Cultural & Philosophical Implications of Self-Movement.  Book manuscript in progress.

Tomorrow’s Eve: Patron Saint of Next Gen Students of Religion.  An essay in progress.

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