Current Work

I am experiencing a blast of work these days (October 2017).  Some of it is finally finding ways to bring in-progress projects to a conclusion and get them submitted for publication consideration.  Some of it is a pouring forth of new ideas and projects having “felt” them gestating somewhere in the back or middle ground.  Since much of my work is done alone and with little exchange with other people I have some concern that it be lost, should I not be around. Posting work in progress and in process here is something of a hedge, something of a repository for a literary estate.

Works currently out for consideration:

As Prayer Goes So Goes Religion  Which was prepared as a presentation for “Why Prayer? A Conference on New Directions in the Study of Prayer” sponsored by the Social Science Research Council, February, 2015.

Moving: The Core of Religion . Accepted for publication in Body and Religion.  Prepared as a lecture given at Florida University, January, 2017.

Into the Future: Making, Gender, Technology, & Religion from Adam to  Androids & Galatea to Tomorrow’s Eve.   This book was finished in August 2017 and has been sent out to various presses.

Creative Encounters: Appreciating Difference.  This book was finished September 2017 and is out to various presses.

“Tomorrow’s Eve, an Aesthetic of Impossibles, and the Next Gen Study of Religion.”  This short paper was presented at the regional AAR Spring 2017. It is a dense piece that summarizes a few of the themes and ideas I have about the future of the study of religion; ideas that I think is not at all part of the current discourse.

Current and Future Works

Living Movement & Vitality: Cultural & Philosophical Implications of Self-Movement. This is currently a book manuscript that I’ve worked on over the last few years. After my most recent writing I’ve discovered I’ve had a change in “voice” in the literary sense.  My old stodgy academic voice is prominent in the manuscript as it stands, yet I’m realizing that the subject of the book is actually really important to me and is in some important ways draws on ideas that have been developing throughout my entire life.  Thus I’ll soon begin a rewrite in a new voice of this book and it also needs a new title, tentatively, Movement and Vitality: The Remarkable Human Creature: Philosophical & Biological Implications of Moving.  It is also interesting to me that as a new voice is emerging, so too are longer titles.  Don’t know what that is about.  This book should transition into another now on the blocks on Gesture Posture Prosthesis.

House. And as a pass time I plan to add a tab to this website in which I correlate essays and photos on the theme of how our life stories might be told by or held within the houses in which we have lived.  I’ve not been much interested in even remembering my past, but I do have some relationships with houses I’ve lived in and several I’ve built.  It is not just my story I want to tell (my houstory), it is more so the exploration of story and the gestural/postural connection with personal space as a prosthesis (an extension of body).