About Sam

As we live and work through the decades of life, we accumulate not only information, but hopefully some useful experience, a few insights, some bits of wisdom. I’m not so sure I can boast accomplishing any of these things, but I do now find myself being driven to put forth work that I have done and am doing and to enter many new areas of interest that are emerging for me. I have been an academic for 40 years. Years ago after publishing quite a few books and several dozen articles I grew weary of the traditional publication process and have simply stockpiled book and article manuscripts, lectures, and other materials preferring to do the work and live an engaging life rather than struggle through the publication process. I think, I feel, that these are my best works.  I am just now beginning to think about publishing some of this work.  The time is ripe.  For twenty-five years I have been a dancer and dance teacher. These activities have complemented my academic work and I believe they totally changed who I am (I really mean this at the level of tissue–muscle, bone, and neurons). They transformed a mind/brain oriented person practicing a sedentary mind-centered life into a person who appreciates as fully as possible that human beings cannot separate mind and body, more importantly if we even think of things like slashes and hyphens and two terms we have probably already taken an unfortunate one-way route of no return.  My current unfolding works are focused on developing important discussions that do not even need to offer excuses for how the mind/body problem is treated.  I owned and operated a dance studio for years. I have been avid fitness enthusiast and health advocate for a long time and all this has informed what I do and make.  I have and am now engaging in many new enterprises and forms of writing, working, and living.

Recent work and work in progress:

Life for me is a vortex of bits and pieces of everything I’ve ever experienced and learned flinging out in every direction writings and dancings and teachings and projects like trash or treasure.  I somehow feel tensely relaxed wobbling about in the vital middle of it all.

Recent publication:

 Dancing Culture Religion  Lexington, 2012

Currently under consideration for publication:

Brain Body Movement: Lectures and Essays (book)

“Dancing:  Creative Healthy Teen Activity”  (article)

Completed manuscripts:

“Myth and the Impossibles”  (article)

“Gesture Posture Prosthesis:  Religious Studies in the Digital Age”  (article)

Currently in progress

Dance to be Smart (e-book)

Moving Sensing Religion (book)

Gesture Posture Prosthesis  (book)

For further information about me see my page at CU and my curriculum vitae .